Quick Help

P1125 LED Status

  • OFF

    • Shutdown, Power can be removed

    • ALWAYS Use the OFF button on the P1125 to shutdown before removing power.

  • RED (Blinking)

    • Booting Up (~40 seconds), or otherwise BUSY. Please Wait.

  • Amber (Blinking)

    • P1125 has entered HOTSPOT mode to learn credentials to connect to WiFi.

    • Use your Phone, PC, Tablet and connect WiFi network "p1125-####".

    • Once connected follow the dialog to select and provide credentials to your WiFi network. This only needs to be done once.

      • If the dialog does not automatically appear, and you are on the "p1125-####" hotspot, enter "" in your browser.

  • RED

    • Ready! P1125 has connected to your network either thru WiFi or wired ethernet.

    • P1125 probe is NOT connected to the target.


    • P1125 probe is connected to the target.

  • Download the P1125 PC Client from www.sistemi.ca/p1125

  • Copy the program to a new folder

  • Open the P1125 Client program

    • allow network access.

  1. Find the P1125 hostname from the label printed on the bottom of the unit and enter it here.

  2. Press PING.

  3. Your P1125 should show up here - click to select it.


  • Confirm P1125 LED is solid RED.

    • If its not solid RED, then it is not connected to the network.

    • If using wired ethernet and its been >1min and the LED is still blinking, then something has gone wrong. You may try and re-image the SD card and try again.

  • PING fails to find the P1125

    • Is it possible that the PC you are using and the P1125 are not on the same network?

    • If using a "guest network" AP, its possible that the network has been setup so that computers on this network are not allowed to connect to each other. Confirm with your IT.

    • Try and determine the IP address of the P1125.

      • Access the router to find the P1125 in the DHCP client list. Note its a good idea to assign the P1125 a static IP address so its easy to find in the future.

      • Use your PC's browser to connect to the P1125. Type "p1125-####/" (or "p1125-####.local/") in the address bar. Note the ending "/" is required. If the connection works, the IP address of the P1125 will be shown on this page.

      • Insert a USB stick in the P1125 and then remove it after ~10 seconds. The P1125 should write a folder to the stick with information and the IP address (as a filename).