Quick Help

P1125 LED Status

  • OFF

    • Shutdown, Power can be removed

    • Use the OFF button on the P1125 to shutdown before removing power.

  • RED (Blinking)

    • Booting Up (~40 seconds), or otherwise BUSY. Please Wait.

  • Amber (Blinking)

    • P1125 has entered HOTSPOT mode to learn credentials to connect to WiFi. Use your Phone, PC, Tablet and look for WiFi network "p1125-####". Once connected follow the dialog to connect (and provide credentials) to your WiFi network. This only needs to be done once.

  • RED

    • Ready! P1125 has connected to your network either thru WiFi or wired ethernet.


    • P1125 probe is connected to the target.

Network Setup

P1125 is accessed thru your web browser (Chrome is recommended) and uses mDNS service via its hostname to connect.

The P1125 hostname is written on a label on the bottom of the device and is of the form p1125-####.

The recommended network connection method is via wired ethernet, although WiFi can also be used. Connect antennae or the wired ethernet and connect power to the P1125. Follow the LED for the state of P1125.

Once the LED is (solid) RED, enter url into browser: p1125-####.local/


mDNS is not a standard service installed on Windows OS, and may or may not be installed.

If the hostname look up is not working, and the LED is solid RED, there are two options,

1) Please see this link to install mDNS/Bonjour service,

Apple Bonjour

Reboot the PC and try to connect again.

2) Use P1125 IP address in Chrome, which can be found two ways,

a) Access your router DHCP connection list,

b) Put a USB stick into the P1125 USB port, wait 5 seconds, the IP address will be saved as a file.

Put the USB stick into a PC and observe the IP address filename.

For Troubleshooting and further instructions see

Detailed Setup Instructions